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Our “A SWING for LIFE” golf system is centered on teaching the “IMPACT POSITION” and how to get there.

Developing short swings – quarter, half and ¾ you will ingrain a greater sense and feel on how to correctly get to the "moment of truth" - which is impact.

The “HITTING ZONE” - as we like to call it - is a huge part of our initial system. Then as the student’s swing becomes established and incorrect tendencies are removed, focus moves to “BALL FLIGHT” and how to repeat it time after time, or - as we like to call it - “grooving your swing.”

Because of the diverse attributes and physical abilities of our students, our program incorporates a variety of techniques to build a repeatable, consistent swing.

A complete personal lesson program developed outside and/or indoors using the latest video technology and launch monitor systems will enable each student to achieve their personal goals quicker and easier than with other traditional golf methods.

A “Swing for Life Golf Program” is formatted towards all ages and handicaps. Our clients range from top ranked amateur players, collegiate level players and top junior tournament players, to those starting the game for the first time.

Our system teaches a very healthy and body-friendly swing. We have spent literally years consulting with our fitness team - including chiropractic care and physical therapy - to design our program.

Of course, there is much more to our system than we can discuss above.

Contact us today to find out more about our golf system and to see why our students – juniors and adults – benefit from a lesson program built for them at “A Swing for Life Golf Academy”.

In addition, an 8 to 12 week graduated lesson plan is offered during winter months with limited availability of teaching slots.

Contact us today to reserve your spot for the next program.

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