• Video Analysis of your swing and overview/assessment sent via Internet

  • Swing Browser Program access to your analyzed golf swings

  • Equipment Consultation

  • Physical Assessment

  • Initial one hour of private instruction tailored to your individual goals for improvement

  • Strategic planning to develop your skills and achieve your golf goals

  • Pricing for lessons with Scotty: 

    • Initial lesson = $55.00 Follow-up=$50.00 (ADULTS)    Initial lesson = $50.00 Follow-up=$45.00 (JUNIORS)

  • Receive the latest DVD "Drill Freak" (which contains 2 hours of instruction content) when you book a 3 lesson golf package or a personal playing/course management lesson


  • If you are having a hard time taking your range or practice swings to the golf course, this may be a better solution than just having a regular lesson.

  • This type of playing lesson is geared to allow the student to perform under game like situations where anxious feelings disrupt the normal thought process and golf swing, including tempo.

  • Learning how to adjust to this and managing your game better under these conditions will ultimately make you better when it is game time.

  • A 2 hr. Playing lesson includes a written evaluation on where your deficiencies are and your strengths, as well as video analysis sent to your e-mail box. We will also take a short break during the playing lesson with light fare and drink, to cover the analysis part of your swing under pressure-playing conditions.

  • It is quite normal for golfers to lose strokes while playing a round of golf due to many of the factors you will experience during this lesson. My job will be to eradicate these tendencies and move you forward with your golfing abilities.

  • Cost is $ 85.00 and includes all of the above