• Video Analysis of your swing and overview/assessment sent via Internet

  • Swing Browser Program access to your analyzed golf swings

  • Equipment Consultation

  • Physical Assessment

  • Initial one hour of private instruction tailored to your individual goals for improvement

  • Strategic planning to develop your skills and achieve your golf goals

  • Pricing for lessons with Scotty: 

    • Initial lesson = $55.00 Follow-up=$50.00 (ADULTS)    Initial lesson = $50.00 Follow-up=$45.00 (JUNIORS)

  • Receive the latest DVD "Drill Freak" (which contains 2 hours of instruction content) when you book a 3 lesson golf package or a personal playing/course management lesson


  • If you are having a hard time taking your range or practice swings to the golf course, this may be a better solution than just having a regular lesson.

  • This type of playing lesson is geared to allow the student to perform under game like situations where anxious feelings disrupt the normal thought process and golf swing, including tempo.

  • Learning how to adjust to this and managing your game better under these conditions will ultimately make you better when it is game time.

  • This is a 1 & 1/2 hour playing lesson and includes a written evaluation on where your deficiencies are and your strengths, as well as a video analysis sent to your e-mail. 

  • Price is $ 85.00