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1  ASFL has been very successful with helping our students obtain their individual golf goals. Whether it's making their golf team, playing division I college golf, winning a club championship, or playing professionally, all of these just listed have been obtained by our past students.


2  Our students will immediately be learning the "Hitting Zone" skills that are necessary to then gradually develop their golf swing from impact to finish in a very methodical manner.

3  Many of our ASFL students have had the reputation of being some of the best junior, and adult players in our area, region, and state. Our junior players have annually been recognized in the media as the best players in the area and region.

4  Regardless of students abilities and goals while a student at ASFL, one thing for certain is that we will always teach, mentor, and build confidence in each of our students in a manner that will conform to them.

5  Lastly, ASFL has been here for over 25 years, and is a full-time learning academy with an indoor training simulator located in our clubhouse "off-season" at Scott Greens Golf Club, Scott Twp. Pa. Our indoor "teaching studio" is located in Olyphant, Pa. and is utilized for our winter golf program. "In- season" instruction is held at our golf academy's scoring/teaching range at Scott Greens G.C. and "on-course" training as well.


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